PNG Grade 12 examination results and School Performance ranking and Grading 2022


The Department of Education (DOE) has made a public announcement during  the Online Launching of Exam Results in December 2022, that it will publish  the PNG School’s Examinations League Table.

The DoE’s Measurement Services Division has produced League Tables for  stakeholder awareness, classifying all schools to under A (excellent), B (very  good), C (good), D (satisfactory) or E (Not satisfactory) Grades.  Since this intervention is the first time ever for the PNG Education  Department, we need to explain what is a Leagues Table and what are the  reasons for publishing the PNG Examinations Leagues Table.

Definition and Purpose of the Examination Leagues Table  What is an Examination Leagues Table?  An examination leagues table is a ranking system that compares the  academic performance of schools based on the results of standardized tests  and examinations. These tables typically list schools in order of their scores,  with the highest-scoring schools at the top and the lowest-scoring schools at the bottom.

What are the reasons for publishing the results?

Publishing examination leagues tables is important for several reasons. Firstly, it provides valuable information to parents and students who are  choosing a school. By comparing the rankings of different schools, parents  and students can make an informed decision about where to enroll.

Secondly, publishing leagues tables can help schools to identify areas for  improvement. If a school is ranked lower than its peers, it may signal that  changes need to be made to improve academic performance. These changes  could include investing in better resources, hiring more qualified teachers, or  implementing new teaching strategies.

Thirdly, publishing leagues tables can help provinces and education officials  to monitor the performance of schools and identify trends in academic  achievement. This information can be used to allocate resources and support  schools that are struggling.

Finally, publishing leagues tables promotes transparency and accountability  in the education system. By making this information publicly available,  schools and education officials are held accountable for their academic  performance and are motivated to strive for excellence.

In summary, examination leagues tables are important for schools, parents,  provinces, and everyone who has an interest in education. They provide  valuable information for decision-making, help schools to identify areas for  improvement, allow for monitoring of academic achievement, and promote  transparency and accountability in the education system.

Explanation of the ranking and classification of each Examinations Results  Grade 12: Grade 12 schools are placed using the distribution where A (90-100),  B (80-89), C (70-79), D (60-69) and E (0-59). An MRI of 75 is the middle value  for Grade 12 Schools, as an approximate 75% are awarded A, B or C Grades.

Grade 10: Grades 10 has the Mean Rating Index by school listed and a School  Grade Distribution Table of A (85-100), B (70-89), C (55-69), D (40-54) and E  (0-39) applied to help scale schools of their block placements among the  schools in PNG. An MRI of 50 is the middle value for Grade 10 schools.

Grade 8: As we have about 3,200 Primary Schools in PNG, they are classified  for convenience, by their Districts and the following Grade Distribution  applied; A (81-above), B (71-80), C (61-70), D (51-60) and E (0-50). An average  of 75 is taken as the middle point, given the maximum mark and population.

Grade 12 Examination Results and School Ranking and Grades - 2022

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