Primary School teacher Graduates with Law Degree

 A PRIMARY school teacher and father of eight, Elphis Pora, walked down the University of Papua New Guinea 68th graduation with a law degree last Thursday.

Pora, 43, from Kalowi village in Tambul Nebilyer, Western Highlands who taught for 18 years, said it wasn’t easy to take up law as his children had to miss out on some privileges from his fortnights.

”I was comfortable with my fortnight from the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) but had to get the degree because the world is adapting to many changes with the help of modern technology,” he said.

A Primary School teacher  Graduates with Law Degree 

Pora was emotional recalling his eldest daughter’s support: “Daddy do not worry about us as we have water and food in the garden, go study and get a degree.”

He registered at UPNG in 2019 and stayed focused.

He also became student leader, addressing some of the issues affecting student’s welfare and taking them to the relevant authority.

Pora said he would never achieved this law degree without the help and the wisdom of God as he was the driving force behind giving him wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

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