PNG DICT takes in 17 Students for its Graduate Internship Program

 The Papua New Guinea Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) is excited to announce the arrival of 17 interns for its end of year internship program.

The internship program, facilitated by the Human Resource Branch within the Corporate Services Division of the department is strategically devised to provide recent or soon-to-be graduates with hands-on experience aligned with their skills and career aspirations.

Among them, 15 are joining for the first time, while two are transitioning from their On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program within the department.

The induction session for the new interns was graced by Mr. Russell Woruba, Deputy Secretary for Digital Government and Information Delivery, and Mr. Maisan Windu, Director of Corporate Services, extending a warm welcome on behalf of the department.

Addressing the eager cohort, Mr. Billy Seri, Human Resource Manager, and Mr. Charles Teviri, Training Officer, delivered a comprehensive orientation, emphasizing the value of learning and growth during their tenure.

Now sorted and attached into various relevant branches in the department, these interns are set to embark on their tailored programs, mentored by experienced supervisors.

This initiative is in line with DICT's Learning and Development Policy and supports the department's capacity-building plans.

The 17 interns will have the opportunity to participate in various tasks, including field-specific immersion, research projects, in-house training, and administrative support.

DICT extends a warm welcome to the new interns and eagerly anticipates a period of productive engagement. The department encourages each intern to explore and engage with different areas and divisions, fostering a holistic learning experience.


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