Report : 289 Students from Jiwaka Province Selected for Tertiary Institutions in 2024

 Jiwaka Province had  289 students  selected for  Tertiary Institutions for  2024 academic year.

The details show the different paths these students will take:

Universities: Jiwaka Province is sending 100 students to study in universities across PNG.

Technical Colleges: 74 students will focus on technical skills in specialized colleges.

Teachers Colleges: 20 students are headed to colleges to become teachers.

Nursing Colleges: 5 students are set to study nursing.

Business Colleges: A good number of 83 students will study in colleges focusing on business studies.

Agriculture Colleges: 7 students are selected for agriculture studies.

The school sending the most students to colleges and universities from Jiwaka Province is Minz Secondary School, with an impressive 96 students making the cut.

Here’s a summary of how many students from Jiwaka Province’s high schools are going to different colleges:

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