Ancilla Rayappan Honored with PNGAusPartnership Prize for Academic Excellence

 The Australian High Commission in Papua New Guinea extends its warmest congratulations to Ancilla Rayappan for her remarkable achievement in being awarded the prestigious PNGAusPartnership Prize. Ancilla was recognized for her exceptional academic performance in the Bachelor of Medical Science course at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Ancilla Rayappan Honored with PNGAusPartnership Prize for Academic Excellence [Photo by Australian High Commission PNG]

Despite her modest expectations, Ancilla's dedication and hard work have earned her this esteemed accolade. Born and raised in PNG of Indian descent, Ancilla expressed her surprise and gratitude upon receiving the award, stating, "Being the recipient of this esteemed prize fills me with a profound sense of achievement and satisfaction, validating the effort I invested."

Ancilla's academic journey culminated at the university's 69th graduation ceremony, where she proudly received her Bachelor of Medical Science degree. Reflecting on her achievement, she emphasized the importance of hard work and expressed her eagerness to utilize her skills and knowledge in addressing healthcare challenges in Papua New Guinea.

Drawing on her experiences, Ancilla has already begun making a difference in her community by volunteering as a health educator with the PNG Cancer Foundation since 2021. She believes that platforms like these offer opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare landscape of Papua New Guinea.

The Australian High Commission commends Ancilla for her dedication and perseverance and wishes her continued success in her endeavors. Ancilla's commitment to improving healthcare outcomes exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and partnership between Papua New Guinea and Australia. We eagerly anticipate hearing about her future accomplishments and the positive impact she will undoubtedly have on her community.

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