Grade 8 Mathematics Examination Questions online

This is Mathematics Examination #1 of the numerous exams designed to help Grade 8 students . These questions are taken from the PNG Grade 8 National Examination paper.  Students who are in Grade 8 can take these questions online. 

Grade 8 Mathematics Examination Questions online
Grade 8 Mathematics Examination Questions online  

Benefits of answering these questions.

  • you build confidence in answering mathematics examination like questions and prepare for National Exams.
  • you become knowledgeable and familiarize contents and topics  in mathematics exams 
  • learn and answer questions without the help from others.
  • Your performances are automatically marked and results displayed. 
How to take the Exam.
This test consists of 10 multiple choices questions. 
  1. Selection your options by selecting the radio button besides each answer.
  2. Click Next to view the other questions.
  3. Click Submit to send your answers to the computerized  marker. 
  4. Click view your results at the end.

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