Top students in PNG doing the STEM Curriculum Miss out on Tertiary Selections

Papua New Guinea's top students who went through the  STEM Curriculum  missed out  out on University Selections and placements.

Parents and guardians of these students who were selected to be pioneers in the government’s newly introduced Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM Curriculum have expressed concern over their placement in tertiary institutions.

PNG STEM Students

According to NBC news, PNG Secretary for Education, Dr. Uke Kombra says he is aware of the situation and that they are working on it to secure spacing for the 200 students.

Some of the 200 students have also missed out on the Government’s Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme or TESAS.

In 2018, the STEM Curriculum was developed in the country during the former Education Minister, Nick Kuman’s term.

 In 2021, it was introduced in the 6 Schools of Excellence such as Sogeri, Passam, Aiyura National High Schools, and others where 200 of the top students were selected to be pioneers. 

However, it has come to this newsroom’s attention that some of those students were selected by colleges while some did not make it to any tertiary institutions and also missed out on government scholarships. 

Those students sat for two Grade 12 exams, the basic one, which all Grade 12 sat for, and a specialist exam on STEM subjects – an additional work. 

Dr. Kombra says they are aware that registration for higher education institutions has begun and they are working to address this. 

He says a team has left for Lae in Morobe province this week to ensure the 200 students are given a space in one of the tertiary institutions. 

NBC News / #PNGOnlineSchool

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