Grade 11 Chemistry Test : Unit 11.1 Application of Physical Processes

 This is test number 1 of a series of tests for the Grade 11 chemistry topics and units. The test is designed especially for year 11 students who are in the science stream.

The test is composed of 15 multiple choice questions. Attempt all the questions and view your scores at the end of the test. Your results will be processed instantly.

The test will help the year 11 students to

  • master content in the unit Application of Physical Processes
  • prepare for classroom tests
  • prepare for end of term exams
  • prepare for National Exams
How to take the test
  1. Enter your email
  2. Click on the radio button for the correct answer for each option
  3. Click next to continue to the next page
  4. Click on Submit to send your answers to the online marker
  5. Click on View Scores to see your results
Take the test below

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