Simbu Provincial Government Commits to Support PNG University of Technology Satellite University

Simbu Governor Hon. Noah Kool has assured the PNG University of Technology and the people of Simbu province that he is committed to support and improve education infrastructure at the province’s only satellite university campus in Kundiawa.

Governor Kool made this commitment during the Simbu Unitech Satellite University’s graduation ceremony in Kundiawa yesterday.


He said his government will do its best to provide better educational infrastructure to improve and better the opportunity for students of Simbu so they can access quality education and further their studies at the Simbu Unitech Satellite University (SUSU) campus.

He challenged parents to encourage their kids to apply and study at the SUSU campus.

“PNG University of Technology is the best university in the country. They’ve brought the University to your doorstep,” he said.

“Every year we have a lot of grade 12 students graduating and some miss out on opportunities to further their education.”

“We have a CHW school, Nursing School, Teachers College, UOG campus and now the SUSU campus are all at our doorstep. We do not have to spend money to send our kids out of the province to get an education. Let us utilize this opportunity and capitalize on our human resources.”

Governor Kool added that he wants to see a lot of students from Simbu study at these institutions and graduate in big numbers and his government will work with the six MPs of the province to boost quality education delivery.

This graduation is the third batch of diploma graduates from the satellite university since its establishment in 2017.

Governor Kool challenged the eleven graduates to be good ambassadors and be change makers in their society.

“I know you all are excited as you graduate today. As you deal with your excitement, I urge you to create the world you want to live in,” he said.

PNG University of Technology Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Kaul Gena thanked the Simbu Provincial Government for its commitment in supporting the University through the satellite campus.

He said in Simbu, there are a lot of school leavers who complete grade twelve and then do not have a place to go to further their education.

Because of that, the Simbu government is now investing in this satellite university to create better educational opportunities for the students of Simbu province.

Students who graduate after two years with high academic achievements will be able to complete their degree programs at the University’s main campus in Lae.

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