Life of struggle pays off for a village boy who becomes a Medical doctor

 FOR some children, gaining an education can be easy with parents providing everything for them.

But for many who came from rural villages, having easy access was only a dream.  This had been a motivational factor for most to seriously pursue their education.  They sacrificed and committed themselves to their education to achieve that dream.

Such was a journey for Zebedee Gore Andrew of the Milaku clan, Koblaku tribe in Gumine, Chimbu.

From a remote Mul village, Andrew’s perseverance to succeed in education had been a remarkable story that should inspire other children from his village.

Andrew’s biological father, Jack Mila Gore, was a former village councillor and an LLG president of Gumine.  When he was a child, he was adopted by his uncle, Pastor Andrew Gore.

Zebedee started his schooling in Sinasina-Yongomugl, then Pabrabuk in Western Highlands.

When Pastor Andrew returned to his village in Mul, he enrolled Andrew at the village primary school.

Andrew topped the primary school and also topped the grade 10 examination in high school.  He continued on to do Grade 12 at Gumine Secondary School.

He did well and was selected to do Science Foundation at the University of Papua New Guinea.

He then continued at school of medicine and health sciences, studying medicine and surgery.

On Friday, April 28, Andrew joined the rest of his colleagues in graduating with a MBBS at UPNG’s 68th graduation. Reflecting on his journey, it wasn’t an easy ride.

After receiving his degree, he could only shed tears, thinking of the sufferings and challenges he had encountered throughout his schooling life.

He thanked everyone who had assisted him to make it this far.

“Those who have given me a hand, you are all my family.”

Andrew lost his big brother Elijah two years ago.

A year later, his biological mum passed away.

These experiences had shattered him but through prayer, he conquered the challenges.

The last two years were the most difficult but he managed to get through, graduating with flying colours as a medical doctor.

His duty to serve the people has just begun.

Andrew is doing his residency in the Eastern Highlands capital of Goroka.


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