University of PNG Students produce their own Healing Wave Water

By Gloria Mabira 

NIUGINI WAVE Limited is comprised of five final year undergraduate chemistry students from the School of Natural & Physical Sciences (SNPS) at the University of Papua New Guinea

Niugini Wave Limited is specialized in manufacturing enriched mineral bottled water. The enriched bottled water was an experimental project that the five undergraduate chemists carried out and produced in the chemistry laboratory at UPNG. The enriched mineral bottled water was given the brand name ‘’Healing Wave’’ due to its health benefits. The journey of Healing Wave came about when the thought'' How can we Chemists contribute meaningfully back to PNG, how can we use our acquired knowledge and skills to provide solutions to address issues affecting our country.

Healing Wave water bottle is a product of fruit extract of essential trace elements minerals. Fruits contain trace elements and minerals that play essential roles in our body, despite being required in much smaller quantities compared to macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. These micronutrients are crucial for various physiological processes and overall health in our lives. So instead of people spending a lot of money on buying individual fruits to make up a balanced diet, Niugini Wave Limited have made it possible to have all the same essentials nutrients found in fruits to have it restored in purified water. We made it cost-effective, very convenient, safe, and healthy for valuable our customers.

The idea, product, and our company came into reality through the Business Competition, ' Beyond the Textbook' initiative hosted by School of Business & Public Policy. It was through   PRAYER,Team Work ,Commitment, Dedication,and Responsibility led to the journey of our success as the Winners of 2023 Business Competition.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”John F Kennedy 

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