PNG Paradise High School Shines Bright: Top Achievers Rewarded in Grand Style

 In a heartwarming display of academic excellence, Paradise High School in Papua New Guinea proudly honor students who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in the Grade 12 National Examinations. Upholding the school's commitment to recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance, these students have received well-deserved accolades.

The pinnacle of success belongs to Tevita, David, and Sheina, who secured the top three positions nationwide. In a gesture of appreciation for their remarkable accomplishments, each of these exceptional students has been presented with a brand new car, symbolizing the journey of their hard work and dedication.

Not stopping there, the celebration continues for those ranking within the top ten. Jemimah, securing the ninth position, was awarded a cutting-edge tablet and laptop to support her academic endeavors. The school's commitment to fostering technological advancement is further demonstrated as the remaining sixteen students within the top 100 receive laptops and stylish computer bags.

Paradise High School extend heartfelt congratulations not only to the talented students but also to their proud parents who have been unwavering supporters on this educational journey. The recognition of the dedicated subject teachers who played a crucial role in guiding these students towards success is expressed with profound gratitude, acknowledging that their impact often transcends words.

As these students embark on the exciting journey ahead, equipped with their new gadgets, Paradise High School wish them the very best. May their achievements serve as an inspiration to others, highlighting the boundless possibilities that education and dedication can unlock. In celebrating these exceptional achievements, Paradise High School continue to be a beacon of inspiration and academic excellence for the entire community.

Photos by PNG Paradise High School

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