How to Access Teachers and Publics Servants Pay Slips in Papua New Guinea

Accessing pay slips for teachers and public servants in the National Education Department of Papua New Guinea typically involves following specific procedures set by the department. Employees (Teachers and Public Servants) can inquire about their pay slips by contacting the National Education Department's payroll or human resources unit. The department  has an established system, either online or through designated offices, where you can log in or request their pay slips. To initiate this process, individuals may need to provide identification details, such as employee ID numbers or relevant personnel information, to verify their identity and ensure you fill out an application form. Adhering to the department's guidelines is crucial to maintaining the security and privacy of payroll information. If you  encounter any challenges or require assistance, they are encouraged to seek guidance from the National Education Department's payroll or human resources representatives for a smooth and secure access to their pay slips.

Steps to access Teachers and Public servants pay slips in PNG

  1.   How  to register to Get pay slips 
  2. How to access pay slips
  3.  How to renew forgotten passwords for pay slip application.

Lets begin,

1.  How to register for pay slips.

To register  for  pay slip, you must  meet the following criteria

a.  You must be a teacher or public servant  with file number.

b. Fill out the  form,  for pay slip registration. You must include an active  email address, and a phone number. ( see description, for application form website link). 

c. You must sign the form, your head of department, and your school principal, must endorse your application form ,by signing on it.

d. The completed form, must be given to your school inspector, or sent it to, MY Pay Slip team, at the national Education Department.. (See description, for contact details). 

2.  How to access  Pay slip to MY PAYSLIP Application. Note: You can also download and ,install MY Pay slip APP on the Google APP Store as well. 

1. After you sent your application to Education Department, an account will be created for you.  The officers at the Department will send your login credentials through your nominated phone number or email account. 

2. Your username will be your file name, and password will be your file name as well by default.

3. Make sure to login and change your password.

4. visit  the education website and click the MY PAYSLIP APPLICATION or APP

5. on the pop up login screen,  Enter your username and password.  Click Login to enter the pay slip interface.

6. You will be greeted  with this interface of your pay slip settings.  You can  now browse the different settings in your account. or click on any or the quick load tabs to access your pay slip.

7. You pay slip format will be something like this.  

8. After viewing or downloading your pay slip, make sure to logout of the system.

3. How to renew forgotten password to My Pay Slip application.

1. Go to the education Website

2. Scroll the website  page and click on My Pay Slip Application Icon

3. On the login screen, click on  Forgot Password.

4. Here you can do two things.   1. Check that status of your application after you have submitted your application form. Enter your file number and Email and click Check Status.  This will give the status of your application you submitted.  

 2. If you have forgotten your password, simply enter your file number and nominated email account and click on Email my Password. A password will be generated and forwarded to you through your email or phone number.  

You can use the password and login to the pay slip portal following the procedure outlined  in this video. 

Please note: 



For enquiries. Contact education Department on

Download Teachers pay Slip registration form on this link

The Pay slip Link :

Watch video

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