Irene Semos Graduates with PhD from Australian University , thanks to Australian Awards Scholarships

 Papua New Guinean Irene Semos has obtained a PhD  from the University of Queensland through the Australian Awards Scholarships Program.

Irene Semos [Photo by Australian High Commission PNG]

The Australian High Commission in PNG stated via social media that  Australia through @AustraliaAwards is proud to recognise individuals in PNG, helping to improve education reforms in the sector, like Dr Irene Semos. 

Irene initiated conversations on curriculum design and delivery for health workers in the faculty of public health at Divine Word University (DWU), after obtaining her PhD in Public Health from the University of Queensland (UQ).

Her motivation to obtain a PhD came from a desire not to be stagnant in her thinking and intellect. As an academic, she believes it is important to keep abreast of the latest research forming evidence around the delivery of teaching and learning.

“I applied through Australia Awards scholarships to study a PhD, so that I could do research and contribute to new knowledge in curriculum delivery.”

Irene extends this motivation and encourages academic and research professionals in PNG universities and research institutions to apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship to study a PhD.

Australian Awards  - Applications for Intake 2023 are now open! Apply Now

Australian Awards Scholarships 

Australian High Commission PNG #PNGOnlineSchool 

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