First Degree for my Family, Clan and Tribe : Story of Jesse Dickson

First Degree for my Family, Clan and Tribe : Story of Jesse Dickson 

Being from a very remote part of [Eastern Highlands, PNG] EHP it was  quiet a long journey  to get a degree, Jesse Dickson, an Eastern Highlander writes. My journey started with my uneducated and wise dad and my mom who is also uneducated but full of understanding. My  dad had faith in education. He made a bold decision to move to Port Moresby to raise me and 4 (four) others. Not only that but to give us education and a future.

To Port Moresby, just the name makes it sound good but I was raised in a settlement were life is tough but my parents were tougher. To make the long story (Journey) short, I repay my dad's faith in education by being the first person from my tribe, clan and family to make it to a school of excellence Port Moresby National High School (PomNaths), also the first to acquire a university degree.

Knowledge is taught, Wisdom is only given by God so my dad being a very devoted Christian (Adventist) was wise in making all this happen by God's grace.

His only advice is always "God first". That will be my only advice to my children if I have any. God is good!

Seeking employment to support my struggling family is another challenge I'm facing now but it doesn't matter. I have a degree and it wasn't cheap,

I earned it. That's much more pleasing than anything else.

The picture attached is a special moment I shared with my dad and mom to appreciate the hard work and sacrifices they both did just for me to graduate with this degree. No we had no quality and fancy Cannon or whatsoever on stand-by to capture this moment. We cannot afford. It was simple Samsung galaxy AO3 phone camera. I had other pictures of other moments taken by fancy cameras but this simple low quality picture is the best of all.

 The degree I graduated with is Bachelor of Health Management degree.

Note: This is and unedited piece.

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