54 Papua New Guineans head to Australia to Study Health Science and STEM at The University of Queensland

 Congratulations to 54 Papua New Guineans who travelled to Australia this month to study Graduate Certificates in Health Science and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the University of Queensland through #AustraliaAwards PNG.

54 Papua New Guineans head to Australia  to  Study STEM at University of Queensland 

The courses are designed to increase capacity in #STEM Education and to better identify, respond to, and manage diseases and infections through #HealthScience. 

The awardees arrived to a beautiful welcome ceremony by the Indigenous Nunukul Yagera dancers who acknowledged and gave their consent as traditional owners of the land to the events taking place and showing deep respect for the rich culture of the Australian Indigenous people.

Steward Sarieng Pau, a Health Science participant, was particularly moved, saying "I was surprised to see such depth of culture and connection to the land in Australia, a developed country. Seeing this performance really impressed me."

Australia through the @AustraliaAwards supports the strengthening of intercultural understanding and people-to-people links between.

Photo and Story by  : Australian High Commission PNG

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