PNG Higher Education Minister Polye Calls For Integrated Digital Learning System

 Papua New Guinea Minister for Higher Education Don Polye is encouraging universities and colleges to go digital.

He addressed the 41st graduation of Divine Word University in Madang last Friday where 861 students graduated with certificates, diplomas and degrees.

PNG Higher Education Minister Polye Calls For Integrated Digital Learning System [Photo by Diocess of Wewaka PNG]

Mr Polye said the Department of Higher Education has already implemented the digital study program in universities but further encouraged the universities and colleges to improve and create uniform study courses online.

He said his department has established a committee of chancellors with a chairman already appointed to effectively implement the program.

“Divine Word is doing its own and Unitech doing its own and Western Pacific University doing its own,” Mr Polye said.

“They’re doing their own thing and it’s OK, I support that approach, but I would like to see a centrally integrated digitised learning system,” he said.

Mr Polye said a digitalised learning system saves cost and is available for accessibility to people from all walks of life who want to study.

He mentioned two very important reasons for going digital was because it gives accessibility to learning to students all around the country and secondly to students of all age groups in different career paths.

“Everyone of all age groups, all walks of life, has relevance to study because this relevant subject or program is through the online system,” Mr Polye said.

“So you’re giving them accessibility but also relevance.”

Mr Polye encouraged universities to develop programs that are relevant to the market so in the next 20 or 30 years time students undertaking a particular training or courses would still use that knowledge and talent for many years.

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