Grade 6 Mathematics Topics and Content outline

 The following outlines  the yearly overview of the systematic plan of the grade 6 Mathematics content. It is helpful  for teachers, parents and students in the teaching and learning of mathematics at the Year 6 (Grade 6) level.  The strand is outlined and identifies each unit and topic into different strand groups. The units are in  sequential order from the first to the last unit. 

Grade 6 Mathematics Topics and Content outline
Grade 6 Mathematics Topics and Content outline 

Those who are teaching the Grade 6 Mathematics can follow the content outline below. 

 Unit 1 Symmetry 

  •  Geometric Figures 
  • Shapes and Figures with Line Symmetry
  • Shapes and Figures with Point Symmetry
  • Polygons and Symmetry

Unit 2. Mathematical Letters and Expressions 

  • Data & Mathematical Relations
  • Mathematical Letters and Expression
  • Let’s Put Numbers into Mathematical Sentences
  • Reading Expressions

Unit 3. Multiplication of Fractions 

  • Number & Operation
  • Operation of Fractions×Fractions
  • Inverse of a Number

Unit 4. Division of Fractions 

  • Number & Operation
  • Operation of Fractions÷Fractions
  • What kind of Expression will it Become?

Unit 5. Multiples and Rates 

  • Data & Mathematical  Relations

Unit 6. Operation of Decimals and Fractions 

  • Number & Operation
  • Operation of Decimal
  • Operation of Fractions
  • Operation of Fraction

Unit 7. Calculating the Area of Various Figures 

  • The Area of a Circle
  • Approximate Area

Unit 8. Orders and Combinations 

  •  Ordering
  • Combinations

Unit 9. Speed 

  • Speed
  • Speed and Graphs

Unit 10. Volume 

  •  Volume of a Prism
  •  Volume of a Cylinder

Unit 11. Ratio and its Application 

  • Ratio
  •  Equivalent Ratio
  •  Equivalent Ratio

Unit 12. Enlargement and Reduction of Figures 

  • Enlarging and Reducing Figures
  • How to Draw Enlarged and Reduced Figures
  • Uses of Reduced Figures

Unit 13. Proportion and Inverse Proportion 

  •  Proportion
  •  Graphs of Proportion
  •  Using the Properties of Proportion
  •  Inverse Proportion

Unit 14. How to Explore Data 
  •  Mean
  • How to Explore Distribution

Unit 15. Quantity and Unit 

  • How to Represent Quantity 
  •  Units of Length: km, m, cm, mm 
  • Units of Area: km², ha, a, m², cm² 
  • Units of Volume: m³, cm³, kL, dL, mL 
  • Units of Weight: t, kg, g, mg 
  • Metric System 

Unit 16. Summary of Grade 3 to 6 

  • Numbers and Calculations 
  • Quantity and Measurement 
  • Shapes and Figures 
  • Data and Relations

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