FODE begins registration for 2023

Flexible Open and Distance Education centres  throughout  have commenced their 2023 student registration since January 30th, 2023.

Central and NCD Provincial Centres are among the 22 FODE Centre who are now registering students nationwide.

Coordinator for FODE Central, Ms. Helen Korken confirms that registration fee for FODE Central is K160 for new students while continuing students will pay K100 upon registration.

Ms. Korken said that most new student candidates who are fronting up at the information booths thought FODE is a ‘private institution’.

“It is very disappointing to learn from enquiries that many think FODE is a private institution” she said. She further added that ‘it is the distance learning arm of the Department of Education of PNG’.

The coordinator said despite all the misunderstandings, her centre, just like all FODE centres are here for all . Ms Korken encouraged interested students to seek proper information in any FODE offices well in advance prior to enrolment.

Ms. Korken also said that fees and schedules for FODE centres in other provinces may vary. However FODE Central centre used the first week of registration to hand out forms and brochures to inform students and sponsors of the process and procedures of learning with FODE.

The following week her team would serve grades 10’s on Monday, 12’s on Tuesday, 11’s on Wednesday and grades 7,8’s and 9’s will be registered on Thursday.

FODE has 22 Provincial Centres with nearly a hundred private registered study centres offering the FODE curriculum to its students.

FODE Centers in PNG 

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