Learning must be made more interesting, says teacher

 TEACHING must be made more interesting to promote pupil attendance, teacher Rachel Damien says.

“When we capture their interest, they will happily come to school every day,” she said.

“This will ensure they are well prepared for primary education.”

Damien was one of the 150 early grade teachers who recently attended a three-day intensive workshop in PNG's West Sepik on the use of the Bilum Books, dictionaries and teacher guides.

School teacher Rachel Damien [Photo by Australian High Commission PNG]

Bilum Books, an initiative of the Australian High Commission, has helped prepared teachers to teach in a way that is more interesting to their students.

Damien said the books helped build reading skills early, starting from preparatory, Grade One and Grade Two.

The books are designed to help teachers teach the Education Department’s standard-based curriculum English syllabus.

Another teacher, Agnes Kairu, said the training had also helped her to assess children individually and identify their strengths and weaknesses to prepare lessons.

“I have been teaching for 25 years, and I can see that Bilum Books will help young children with phonics, speak better English in the early grades and to really understand English content — written and spoken,” she added.

Similar workshops were also been held in Central, Enga and Bougainville.

Statement/Australian High Commission

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