Aeronautical Engineering Student wins Design Comp

This is Louis Sivina, who hails from Rigo District in the Central Province, Papua New Guinea.

Louis is an Aeronautical Engineering graduate, he studied in China for 6 years and as a student in a foreign country he had to have a side hustle for extra expenses.

Being someone who gained an interest in drawing or designing overtime, he decided to use these skills to earn an income.

Aeronautical Engineering Student wins Design Comp [Photo by EMTV]

He said, “I needed money so I started off by drawing tattoos and also framing my drawings and selling them.”

Louis said, temporary art pieces and traditional tattoos have always been of great interest to him, because of their significant meanings.

As a recent winner of the Jack’s of PNG’s design competition, Louis shared his inspiration behind his wining designs.

“The inspiration behind my designs are the daily activities that people do, whatever we see, feel, taste and our relationship experiences,” he said.

According to this designer, little things inspire how we think.

Louis hopes that his designs on these fabrics are comfortable and people feel beautiful in them.

His story is a reminder to better your skills and to always do more outside of your field of expertise


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